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Articles by Rachael Whitcomb

Face off: Two generations reflect on their differences

May 1, 2009

National Report: Generation X and Baby Boomers are different, but they have one important thing in common - they are veterinarians.

Horse owners push lawmakers to relax dentistry regulations

Oklahoma state board wants to keep procedures involving sedation in the hands of veterinarians
May 1, 2009

For nearly 20 years, equine dentistry has been considered a veterinary act in Oklahoma.

AAHA set to release major survey on compliance in July

Clear instructions, staff follow-up helped boost clients' adherence
May 1, 2009

Lakewood, Colo. — Veterinarians play as much a role in improving poor compliance as pet owners, according to a new study slated for release in July.

Expired DVM license leads to $30,000 in fines

May 1, 2009

Memphis, Tenn. — An expired temporary license is costing a Tennessee DVM $30,000 in fines form the state's veterinary board.

Rumors quelled about closing of Tufts vet school

Apr 29, 2009

North Grafton, Mass. -- Despite rumors swirling about its closure, the Cummings School of Veterinary Medicine at Tufts University isn't going anywhere.

Ohio State narrows dean prospects to three

Apr 29, 2009

Columbus, Ohio -- The list of candidates to take over as the next dean of one of the nation's largest veterinary college has been narrowed to three.

Canine gum disease linked to heart problems

Apr 11, 2009

A Purdue study has shown a higher incidence of heart disease in dogs with bad gums.

Competition can be hard to measure

Two practitioners in the same city offer different views on their market
Apr 1, 2009

In some cases the competition is fierce, but so too is collegiality.

Veterinary education forced to change strategies

As state budgets are slashed and endowments drop, DVM schools seek ways to adjust
Apr 1, 2009

Federal stimulus funding isn't going to bail out veterinary education.


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