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Articles by Rachael Whitcomb

Incentive programs do little to lure students

If they aren't already on underserved tracks, students won't switch career paths for 'small' grants
Apr 1, 2009

You can lead a veterinary student to grant money, but you can't make them drink.

Career: It's a matter of choice

Areas facing shortages are heavily recruiting veterinary students, new DVMs
Apr 1, 2009

Veterinary students can choose many career paths upon graduation and with severe shortages in some areas, it might be worth taking a look at the road less traveled.

New laws could allow retribution for pet deaths

More legislators are proposing laws to allow emotional damages in pet cases
Apr 1, 2009

Pets die every day, but when it happens on the veterinarian's table should the doctor be forced to pay?

Advisory: Teens reportedly using veterinary meds for abortions

Mar 20, 2009

Wisconsin - Veterinarians in the rural Midwest were warned of a possible new trend -- teen-aged girls reportedly taking veterinary medications meant to induce abortion in cows to perform their own abortions.

Peanut-recall casualties: 1 dog, 500 people, 1,555 tainted products - so far

Mar 1, 2009

Oakland, Ore. — The first veterinary case linked to the nationwide peanut-products recall was reported.

Forecast: Salary outlook not grim, not great

State of the Profession 2009: Watchdogs weigh in on what the next few years will bring for DVM earnings
Mar 1, 2009

National Report — Salaries might be flat this year, but the demand for veterinary services remains strong, DVMs say.

Local economies put pressure on practitioners

State of the Profession 2009: Clients facing foreclosures, job losses forced to cut back on veterinary care
Mar 1, 2009

National Report — Foreclosures and job losses are taking their toll on clients, and veterinarians are starting to feel the pinch.

Law cuts into salary discrimination

Legal experts caution practice owners regarding pay decisions based on gender
Mar 1, 2009

National Report - A new federal law will make it easier for workers to file wage-discrimination lawsuits. Lawyers are cautioning veterinary experts.

Who's at risk? Sharing love, sharing germs

Dogs may be at risk from owners spreading E. coli, study says
Mar 1, 2009

Manhattan, Kan. — We have all seen the sloppy, wet kiss from dog to owner. But who is really at risk?


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