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Articles by Jennifer Fiala

Pharmacy board turns back on veterinary drugs

Dec 1, 2002

Legal loophole could relinquish pharmacy board from controlling the dispensing of veterinary drugs

Survey cites client misuse of veterinary medicines

Dec 1, 2002

Pocatello, Idaho-Rodeo-riding, horseracing and healthcare-working clients are among those most likely to take veterinary drugs for personal use, DVMs report.

DVMs battle non-profits, government for business

Dec 1, 2002

San Diego- "Imagine how many car dealers would be up in arms if the government decided to sell Chevys."

Texas slaps PetMed Express with lawsuit

Nov 1, 2002

Austin, Texas- As PetMed Express settles a slew of administrative battles with state pharmacy boards across the country, Texas leaders strike with litigation to ban company sales in the state and fine the online pet pharmacy $1,000 per day for each day it allegedly sold prescription drugs illegally to Texas consumers.

Rabies vaccine increases antibodies, study shows

Oct 1, 2002

Purdue researchers monitor vaccine and its effects on the canine thyroid

Vaccine debate leaves profession in dilemma AVMA, AAHA positions attemptto ease contention

Oct 1, 2002

Upper Montclair, N.J.- Dr. George Cameron knows canine distemper. He's witnessed rabies and parvovirus.

AVMA, AAHA to release vaccine positions

Oct 1, 2002

Lead veterinary organizations take stance on disease protection

E-mail breeds client rapport, liabilities

Oct 1, 2002

As veterinarians warm up to cyber communicating, are you exposing yourself to malpractice and other legal claims?

Lean state budgets starve veterinary colleges

Sep 1, 2002

Nashville, Tenn.- As the University of Tennessee's (UT) veterinary college and hospital reopens following a historic three-day government shutdown, DVM educators say the state legislature's impasse on a budget not only is to blame for the closure, but also signifies an economic crunch of national proportions.


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