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Articles by Jeff Rothstein, DVM, MBA

Raises out, bonuses in

If you can't give raises to your employees, consider rewarding them in other ways.
Mar 1, 2009

If you can't afford to give raises, use bonuses to keep employees happy.

Kick-start your heart

Heard it all before? No way. Success is openness to new ideas.
Jan 1, 2009

Create a new management mantra using the four R's: refresh, renew, reawaken, and remodel.

Offer dentistry to combat the economy

Don't get down in the mouth. Stay positive, explore new services like dental care, and reap the benefits.
Oct 22, 2008

Offering dental care is a great way to generate revenue in a tough economy.

Hablamos Espanol aqui?

Oct 15, 2008

What can I do to be sure my practice is accommodating the needs of the Hispanic population?

Valuable veterinary resources on the Web

Surf the Web for valuable resources to help you do your job better.
Jul 1, 2008

Surf the Web for valuable resources to help you do your job better.

"But I read it on the Internet!"

Are your clients getting on your nerves with all their questionable Internet diagnoses? Well, give 'em a break—they love their pets enough to do their homework.
May 1, 2008

Do you ever get frustrated or annoyed when clients come to your practice loaded with medical information they found on the Internet—especially when it's wrong? Do you find yourself grumbling about the misinformation the client is spewing? Who's the doctor here, anyway? Heck, if people can find instructions for building a bomb online, maybe your clients can just whip up some Otomax or Tresaderm too. Then they can buy themselves an ultrasound machine and a textbook. Who needs a veterinarian?

Build it, but will they come?

Weigh your options before constructing a new clinic.
May 1, 2008

Weigh your options before constructing a new clinic.

The benefits and challenges of paperless practice

Mar 10, 2008

What to consider before going electronic.

The right way to quit

With a little grace you can leave an old job without burning bridges.
Mar 1, 2008

A team member quit recently. She gave two weeks' notice but didn't fully complete it and was supposed to train someone to take over her job duties but didn't. After being a valued team member for so long, why did she choose to leave on a sour note?


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