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Articles by Jennifer Fiala

Physical Trauma Major Threat

Oct 1, 2001

NEWPORT, TENN.- Dr. John Chambers knows when to back away from an angry cat. He learned after losing a fingertip.

Clocktower makes time for animals, owners

Jun 1, 2001

Bill Swartz, DVM, builds his small animal practice on service

Pharmacies solicit DVMs in 'backdoor deals'

Jul 1, 2000

Washington-As private veterinary pharmaceutical distributors petition veterinarians to buy mass drug quantities for resale, state regulators warn dealing with these companies could be illegal if not unethical.

MSU lab theft alerts nation on bioterrorism

Nov 1, 0002

East Lansing, Mich.-As experts report that United States' livestock and food crops are increasingly vulnerable to terror attacks, Michigan State University (MSU) officials tested the nation's emergency system when two vials of genetically altered bacteria turned up missing from a secured lab.


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