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Articles by David M. Lane, DVM, MS

Choose wisely, Practice in the real world

Watch for signs of animal collecting when interviewing prospective employees
Feb 1, 2005

If a management vacuum occurs in the practice, then someone will fill it.

Practice in the Real World- Visitors from Planet XX

A satirical interplanetary discussion on how to repopulate the profession
Dec 1, 2004

I have been made to observe the following video clips in order for Baldy to better understand our approach on planet Earth.

Going the distance: Can new graduates keep pace with the greatest generation?

Nov 1, 2004

They might even have to turn off their cell phones and occasionally work a little unpaid overtime for the common good.

Practice in the Real World

Try to be fair
Oct 1, 2004

Ignoring staff friction can leave you low on morale and maybe short of help.

Practice in the Real World

Not all that glitters is gold
Sep 1, 2004

Veterinarians are more often than not in competition for a handful of qualified and registered technicians.

Practice in the Real World

Ethics revisited: Lack of specialist referrals often has nothing to do with greed; its about pride
Aug 1, 2004

The veterinarians in the area number almost 300, and there are 90 veterinary hospitals listed.

In the year 2016

Legal guardianships, patient rights, skyrocketing insurance rates, overcrowded humane shelters, no one can afford a pet. Think it can't happen? Think again
Jun 1, 2004

There ought to be a long line waiting to "pony up" for the good of the profession.

'The Fever'

Before opening wallet for 'must have' piece of equipment, objectively crunch numbers, assess usefulness to patients
May 1, 2004

Dr. Allen Thomas walked swiftly through the hotel corridor. Above him a sign announced a gala event in Ballroom C for all registered veterinarians.

The black horse

Improving patient care means improving the systems that control the process-that is the delivery model
Apr 1, 2004

Dr. Bennett had been called to the phone. Janet Billings, DVM, was now alone in the pharmacy.


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