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New graduates need legal guidance, experts say

Lawyers outline five pitfalls common among veterinarians
Nov 1, 2007

Exeter, N.H. — Most students gain little legal direction from veterinary college curriculum before jumping into private practice. Without practical knowledge and awareness, associates can be blindsided by the law.

Tougher rules sought on informed consent

Nov 1, 2007

MADISON, WIS. — Wisconsin veterinarians are railing against plans to implement what is being billed "the most restrictive informed-consent law in the United States."

Lay equine dentists sue Texas board

Crackdown on unlicensed dentistry by veterinary regulators triggers constitutionality challenge; board chokes competition, critics say
Oct 1, 2007

Austin, Texas — Veterinary regulators employ a "monopolistic licensing scheme" to put lay equine dentists out of business. Their anti-competition tactics are unconstitutional, punishing those with skills that "far exceed that of nearly every veterinarian in the state of Texas."

The cross hairs of complaints

Nationwide poll: Veterinarians increasingly vulnerable to regulatory board actions; insiders speculate hike reflects poor communication
Oct 1, 2007

Sacramento, Calif. — Invite Dr. Wade Himes to shed light on the inner-workings of state regulatory agencies and he pauses, then laughs and asks, "Do you want me to lose my license?"

Weak medicine?

Workforce expansion legislation passes Senate, but there's little to celebrate, insiders say
Oct 1, 2007

Washington — Dr. Michael Blackwell isn't ungrateful. But the $500,000 grants tied to the U.S. Senate's version of the Veterinary Public Health Workforce Expansion Act, passed in July, will do little to add seats to the University of Tennessee's (UT) veterinary program. Such funds fall short of expanding even one classroom, and neglect the public's need for more DVMs, the veterinary college dean explains.

The price of pain

How a veterinarian facing license revocation exposes an unwritten mandate to treat animal pain
Oct 1, 2007

Minneapolis — For 59 years, Dr. Carl Seemann practiced as northern Minnesota's surgical "spine man," a solo generalist who, at age 84, saw three clients a day until Christmas last year.

Gestation stalls fall to Oregon lawmakers

State bows to activist pressure, critics say; joins Florida, Arizona to outlaw the controversial housing practice
Sep 1, 2007

Portland, Ore. — The Oregon Legislature banned swine gestation stalls last month, the third state to prohibit the controversial housing practice.

National board warns students against cheating

Sharing NAVLE test questions amounts to copyright infringement, officials say
Sep 1, 2007

Bismarck, N.D. — A crackdown on cheaters taking the veterinary licensing examination may result in prosecutions.

More students abstain from declaring race, gender

Minority numbers inch upward, AAVMC enrollment data show
Sep 1, 2007

Washington — A greater number of minorities are studying veterinary medicine, but the Association of American Veterinary Medical Colleges' (AAVMC) latest enrollment data show the increase at just .4 percent.


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