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Articles by Phil Seibert, CVT

ADA compliance

Nov 1, 2006

Make sure your goods and services are available to handicapped pet owners.

Getting out in an emergency

Oct 1, 2006

Take the next step to show your staff members the way to safety.

Just say yes to a drug-free workplace

Sep 1, 2006

Almost half of illicit drug users who are employed full-time work at businesses with fewer than 25 employees. Find out how you can make your practice a drug-free zone.

Keeping your secrets under wraps

Jul 1, 2006

You don't want your staff members sharing private practice information. Confidentiality agreements lay down the law—and keep your secrets from slipping out.

Contain your sharps smartly

Jun 1, 2006

Proper disposal is the law—and it's for your own safety.

Break-room standards

Apr 1, 2006

What does OSHA require employers to provide in a break room?


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