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Articles by David M. Lane, DVM, MS

Dr. Joe

Scheduling professional time properly crucial to veterinary practice success;take time to train staff
Mar 1, 2004

Missy answered the phone on the second ring.

'The pile'

For business owners, solution to most cash flow issues is to plan, save for rainy day by creating different cash accounts
Feb 1, 2004

Jerry Vandever sat across the table from his accountant. Herbert Johnson, CPA, had been an accountant for many years and was looking over the tops of his reading glasses at the file for Patch-a-Pet Animal Hospital.

Internet pharmacies -- don't get mad, get real

'Doc in a box' phenomenon next logical step for profession unless some pretty narrow-minded thinking addressed
Jan 1, 2004

Dr. Vernon Wolinski looked at the faxes piling up on the fax machine.

Rural small animal practices invisible long enough

Suburban and urban practices share different needs and opportunities
Nov 1, 2003

Those who analyze the economics of this profession are usually not members of the profession.

The great cat debate

Feral cats' environmental impact, welfare actually animal abuse? Where do DVMs fit in this highly emotional issue?
Oct 1, 2003

Jessica Long and her friend Ginny plod through the grass and palmetto behind Bonnie Wilson's trailer in central Florida. Bonnie is well known in the area for collecting numerous strays and orphaned animals of all types.

Professionalism -- with thoughts from Bacon and Churchill

Lack of professionalism is a national scourge that has impacted the country
Sep 1, 2003

You make a living by what you get. You make a life by what you give.

How do you answer 'dog questions?'

Remember the underlyingclient motive is either cost or naivete
Aug 1, 2003

Dr. Bill Wilson looked blankly at Jan, his office manager.

Geek mythology

Jul 1, 2003

DVM degree allows entry to 'spin zone' even paparazzi would envy

Giving away services has far-reaching consequences

Jun 1, 2003

'They Love Lucy' star blind to long-term economic problems



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