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Articles by Brendan Howard, Business and Team Channel Director

Poster shows health of lean-fed dogs

Jun 1, 2008

Nestle Purina PetCare is sharing the results of a canine life span study on a poster you can get free of charge.

Talking teeth with timid clients

Chew on this advice for improving dental compliance at your practice.
Jun 1, 2008

What you can do to get clients on board with your dental recommendations.

Look but also touch

Jun 1, 2008

Seeing is believing for clients when it comes to pet dental health at Falmouth Veterinary Hospital in Falmouth, Maine. Video touchscreens in exam rooms show clients how quickly damaging plaque can build and harden. The screens also let clients type in their e-mail address and request that the information or Web site address for the video be sent to their home. After every dental cleaning, clients watch a video on brushing.

Swiss law orders pet buddy system

Guinea pigs need friends, dog owners need classes.
Jun 1, 2008

A new law in Switzerland taking effect Sept. 1 widens animal rights laws in revolutionary ways. Consider the law's fine print:

Organization supports spaying and neutering by private practitioners

May 7, 2008

Maddie's Fund thinks veterinarians are the best way to stop overpopulation.

Kind words from long ago

May 6, 2008

Veterinarians -- before they were called veterinarians -- were animals' advocates.

Michigan Veterinary Specialists in Southfield, Mich.

A serial builder constructs a stunning facility—and chooses his own neighbors—for Michigan Veterinary Specialists in Southfield, Mich.
May 1, 2008

Dr. Dan Lorimer, DACVO, wanted his specialty practice to look professional. For that, he needed respectable neighbors. To attract those neighbors, he bought six acres and built a 40,000-square-foot building—which was not his hospital.

I wannabe a vet!

Theme park lets kids try out veterinary medicine.
May 1, 2008

There's a dog on a surgical table and another on an exam room table—just like at your hospital. The difference is the dogs aren't real and the doctors are kids.

Men, women run family businesses differently

May 1, 2008

Do you see yourself—or your boss—in these findings about male and female owners of family businesses?


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