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Articles by Jeff Rothstein, DVM, MBA

Front-desk turnover

Feb 1, 2006

Q What's the typical turnover rate for front-office team members? How do I know if my turnover's too high?

Figure the true cost of equipment

Jan 1, 2006

Look beyond the price tag when you buy, then track usage and profitability carefully to make the most of your purchase.

Controlling unauthorized overtime

Jan 1, 2006

I have an employee who regularly stays for overtime that I haven't authorized. My attorney says I have to pay her for the time, even though I didn't schedule it. What can I do to keep team members from working unapproved overtime?

Use these 6 strategies to cut clients' wait

Dec 1, 2005

It's easy to overlook the problems that come with making clients wait. We think, "Hey, it comes with the territory." We make excuses. And we hedge our bets, knowing most clients only grow dissatisfied when they wait more than 30 minutes. But that approach won't wow clients. In fact, even a short wait may leave clients disgruntled. So it's an issue you should aim to manage.

Short-term dollars versus long-term relationships

Sep 1, 2005

I frequently tout the goal of developing a womb-to-tomb relationship with our clients and their pets. At the core of our practice philosophy is the statement, "Focus on long-term relationships versus the short-term dollar."

Taking shortcuts in financial management can cost you big

Jul 1, 2005

Even small businesses create hundreds of transactions during a month. And when you add your personal banking to the mix, it's easy to become overwhelmed, especially if you don't like bookkeeping.

Practicing on autopilot

May 1, 2005

During the first few years of practice, it's not unusual to dig through textbooks, go online, or read up on cases during spare time. But somewhere around the third year of practice, most of us gain a level of comfort with medicine that stems late-night reading. We go on autopilot.

Practice makes perfect

Mar 1, 2005

I've played hockey for many years, often once or twice a week. One day it dawned on me I wasn't improving. Instead I was doing the same wrong things over and over--I was playing but not practicing. Finally, I took a skills class and was amazed at how much I didn't know.

Does your practice image need a makeover?

Jan 1, 2005

What message does the appearance of your clinic send? And what message do the doctors, technicians, and support staff members send when they interact with clients? For a real eye opener, ask your clients these questions, using surveys, focus groups, and casual conversations during appointments. And don't forget to ask new clients and staff members why they chose your clinic. Their fresh eyes can offer valuable insights into the first impressions your practice makes.


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