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Articles by Jennifer Fiala

Reclawed in California

Court upholds West Hollywood declaw ban; 4-year battle headed for state's Supreme Court, CVMA vows
Aug 1, 2007

Los Angeles — West Hollywood's declaw ban is legal and enforceable, according to an appellate ruling that's headed for the state Supreme Court if the California Veterinary Medical Association (CVMA) has its way.

GHLIT extends benefits to domestic partners

Health-insurance plan for DVMs expected to model California's law
Apr 1, 2007

Decision reflects Census report that unmarried couples head more than half of U.S. households.

Future veterinarians: a 25-year look ahead

Foresight analysis calls for restricting licensure, focusing college curriculum to meet society's imminent needs
Apr 1, 2007

Washington — Veterinarians fill top levels of national security, protect public health and command a unique skill set used to defend the nation's food supply. Yet these highly trained professionals aren't licensed to practice small-animal medicine.

Spay or pay

Unprecedented mandate for pet sterilization breeds public debate, divides California DVMs
Apr 1, 2007

Sacramento, Calif. — A controversial bill pushing the nation's first statewide mandate to sterilize dogs and cats pits California shelter leaders against breeders and spurs bitter debate among veterinarians.

Desperate search for rural DVMs

Small-town America pleads for practitioners
Apr 1, 2007

Colebrook, N.H. — Despite warnings describing the shortage of large-animal veterinarians as acute, new graduates continue to steer clear of what's arguably the profession's neediest segment.

AAFP creates welfare committee, principles

Apr 1, 2007

Miami — The American Association of Feline Practitioner (AAFP) seeks to cement its authority on welfare, devoting a committee to the topic and drafting principles for guidance.

Studies show DVMs admired, strained

Multiple surveys examine attitudes about veterinary medicine
Apr 1, 2007

The public believes veterinarians are smart, compassionate and empathetic.

Malpractice prevention begins with awareness

Mar 1, 2007

Pleasant Hill, Calif. — Veterinarians vulnerable to lawsuits and state board complaints must remain vigilant when it comes to liability in their practices, and graduates equally should beware the dangers of working in an unsound legal environment.

Critical times, desperate measures

Rural America pleads for veterinarians
Mar 1, 2007

Colebrook, N.H. — Carol Couture knows how to suture wounds. She keeps Banamine on hand and neighbors on speed dial who've pooled their resources to administer lay veterinary medical care.


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