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Articles by Jessica Tremayne

S.C. ponders semi-public discipline hearings

Practice act revision expected to pass this year
Jun 1, 2005

Columbia, S.C.—Revisions to South Carolina's practice act would allow plaintiffs to attend disciplinary hearings. A public push for open-hearings led to the compromise that could update the law for the first time in 30 years.

DVMs unite to provide first-class patient care

Hospital dedicates 65-member staff to specialty care
Jun 1, 2005

Pets mean different things to different people. Listening to what the owner needs and wants makes lasting relationships.

Hospice helps grieving owners, students learn

Program drives compassion into curriculum
Jun 1, 2005

Students recommend a course of action for the owner.

AAHA investigates veterinary fees

Jun 1, 2005

The publications are one way the association addresses member needs.

FVMA fights to maintain veterinary safeguards

Bills could allow non-veterinarians to practice medicine
Jun 1, 2005

Tallahassee, Fla. — The Florida Veterinary Medical Association (FVMA) reports its lobbying fund is almost depleted after countering legislation that allows an "independent contractor" to treat animals.

Texas bill grants written prescription rights

May 1, 2005

Austin, Texas — Texas House Bill 522, if passed, would require veterinarians to write prescriptions for client's pets on demand — an issue that creates numerous concerns for the Texas Veterinary Medical Association (TVMA) as well as practitioners.

Genetic disease, nervous system damage reversed in feline model

May 1, 2005

Philadelphia — Drs. John Wolfe and Charles Vite of the University of Pennsylvania discovered a way to treat naturally occurring genetic disease of the central nervous system in cats.

Aja sets goals for AAHA presidency

Incorporating technicians, veterinary specialists tops agenda
May 1, 2005

Baltimore — Recognizing veterinary technicians and specialists is one of Dr. Daniel Aja's goals as he takes the reins as the American Animal Hospital Association's (AAHA) 69th president at the annual conference in Baltimore.

NCSU veterinarian uses osseointegration to rebuild limbs

May 1, 2005

RALEIGH, N.C.— In a first-of-its-kind procedure, osseointegration was used in a 1-year-old cat born without the lower half of its tibias at North Carolina State University (NCSU) College of Veterinary Medicine.


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