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Articles by David M. Lane, DVM, MS

Veterinary conundrum #14,123: The enabler

Jun 1, 2002

Sarah, a certified veterinary technician, enters the room to a hackled and uninterrupted display of aggression.

Don't underestimate good, old-fashioned human contact

Apr 1, 2002

Don't over-rely on technology to keep clients bonded, happy with practice

The kiss of death: DVMs 'bungled' the bundle

Mar 1, 2002

George silently pads to the kitchen searching for a cup of coffee. Gladys is already sitting at the kitchen table making a list of "to do" items for the day.

Building client trust component of pet's care

Nov 1, 2001

Mrs. Johnson awaits your entrance draping her head over her usually trembling rat terrier named Wiggles.

How to maintain sanity, schedule with new client

Sep 1, 2001

You open the door to the exam room. On the other side of the table and occupying what seems to be half the room sits John Smith, 20 minutes late and weighing 350 pounds. Beside him is his similarly obese Saint Bernard, Ranger- restless and salivating onto all flat surfaces


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