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Rural vet crisis: USDA fends off critics

Mar 1, 2007

Washington -- Proponents of an overdue national program to beef up veterinary medicine's presence in underserved, largely rural areas are pressuring its administrator -- USDA.

Animal identification, tax trends flood state legislative landscape

AVMA issues 400-plus action alerts outlining initiatives
Mar 1, 2007

Schaumburg, Ill. — Hundreds of veterinary-related bills proposing everything from licensure tweaks to insurance mandates have the profession's watchdogs monitoring legislative introductions at a frantic pace.

Court halts regulators' oversight of DVM drugs

Mar 1, 2007

Jefferson City, Mo. — A Missouri Supreme Court ruling that exempts the retail sale of prescription veterinary drugs from the state pharmacy board's oversight has prompted a Senate bill calling for regulatory clarification.

Disease plagues nation's swine population

Mar 1, 2007

Ames, Iowa — A virus spreading among U.S. swine operations caused nearly three times the infection rates reported last year, inducing "devastating economic loss" for producers and calls for vigilance among veterinarians, Iowa State University (ISU) researchers say.

Malpractice prevention begins with awareness

Feb 15, 2007

Pleasant Hill, Calif. — Veterinarians vulnerable to lawsuits and state board complaints must remain vigilant when it comes to liability in their practices, and graduates equally should beware the dangers of working in an unsound legal environment.

'Animal Chiropractic' earns Yellow Pages heading

Feb 1, 2007

St. Louis, Mo. — Chiropractic treatment for animals has become so popular that the nation's largest directory publisher now gives the term its own heading.

Publically revered, professionally taxed

Multiple surveys examine attitudes about veterinary medicine
Feb 1, 2007

Chicago — Veterinarians are still beloved and clients remain willing to pay high fees despite growing public expectations and prices rising faster than inflation. Yet practitioners, wary of practice ownership, aren't eager to put in a lot of hours, a trend that's straining the U.S. supply of DVMs.

Discrimination charges plague organization

Supreme court gag order muffles British Columbia officials; insiders predict spillover into United States
Feb 1, 2007

Vancouver, British Columbia — Teetering on financial ruin, the British Columbia Veterinary Medical Association (BCVMA) faces roughly 50 lawsuits carrying millions of dollars in punitive damages if veterinarians from India prove Canadian regulators guilty of discrimination.

Meeting solicits rules-making talks, survey data

Jan 1, 2007

Chicago — The American Veterinary Medical Association's annual leadership conference agenda appears ordinary apart from an administrative rules rewrite.


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