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Articles by Margaret Rampey

Margaret Rampey

Margaret Rampey is the Editor of Veterinary Medicine.

Editors' Note: Our new home is your new online resource:
August 1, 2008

Veterinary Medicine has found a good home at

In memoriam: Dr. James R. Richards
June 1, 2007

As many of you now know, Cornell University College of Veterinary Medicine professor Dr. James R. Richards died on April 24, after sustaining injuries in a motorcycle accident.

From the Editors: Veterinary Medicine wired
January 1, 2007

Many of you have asked us to post Veterinary Medicine's full content online, so in 2007 we're happy to oblige. Beginning this month, you can read Veterinary Medicine both in print and online at

From the Editors: Enjoy this month's supplement in print and online
December 1, 2006

When you unwrapped this month's issue, you also found the peer-reviewed supplement Answers to Your Questions About Digital Radiography.

From the Editors: Style and substance
October 1, 2006

You've no doubt noticed that this month's issue has a new look—the culmination of months of discussion and dozens of mock-ups.

Editors' Note: Cats and the avian flu: What should practitioners be doing?
June 1, 2006

In recent months, several rapid-fire and unfortunate developments have occurred in the avian influenza situation.

Editors' Note: Sharing their knowledge
April 1, 2006

This month, we all benefit from Dr. Karen Tobias' dedication to teaching and bettering the standard of care in veterinary medicine.

Editors' Note: Delivering content practitioners can count on
January 1, 2006

Last month, editors at both The New England Journal of Medicine and the journal Science were put in the unfortunate position of having to publicly question the validity of data in studies they'd published earlier.

Editors' Note: The tiniest patients
November 1, 2005

From time to time, staff members at Veterinary Medicine bring their pets to work with them. It's nice to meet a colleague's dog, cat, bird, or, as in one case, Madagascar cockroach.


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