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Articles by Cynthia S. Cook, DVM, PhD, DACVO

Cynthia S. Cook, DVM, PhD, DACVO

Practical Matters: Evaluating pupillary light reflexes aids prognostication
July 1, 2005

Carefully evaluating the pupillary light reflex (PLR), both direct and indirect (consensual), is critical when assessing the prognosis for vision, particularly in patients with glaucoma. So properly performing this quick and easy evaluation is essential.

Practical Matters: Topical atropine: An overused medication
March 1, 2005

Atropine is a strong parasympathetic blocking agent. When applied topically, it causes pupillary dilatation that may last several days. Topical atropine should be administered only when this degree of pupillary dilatation is desired, which is not often.


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