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Articles by Todd Deppe, DVM, DACVIM (internal medicine)

Todd Deppe, DVM, DACVIM (internal medicine)

Practical Matters: Differentiate cocci from imposters in the urine
February 1, 2006

I frequently notice a disparity between referred patients' in-house urinalysis results and laboratory-read urinalysis results.

Practical Matters: Several liver enzyme activities may increase in dogs receiving corticosteroids
November 1, 2005

We are frequently asked about the serum chemistry profile changes that may be seen in dogs receiving corticosteroids.

Practical Matters: Recheck low platelet counts in asymptomatic patients
November 1, 2005

Of all the values on a general blood panel (complete blood count, serum chemistry profile), the platelet count may have the greatest potential to fool you.


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