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Articles by Natalie Antinoff, DVM, DABVP

Natalie Antinoff, DVM, DABVP

Respiratory diseases of small mammals (Proceedings)
August 1, 2009

Respiratory diseases in small mammals can be challenging. Although anatomy is similar, there are variations in anatomy that can predispose to certain diseases, or can interfere with interpretation of test results.

Head tilts in rabbits (Proceedings)
August 1, 2009

One of the more common abnormal presentations of disease in rabbits is a head tilt, which is often accompanied by nystagmus and circling.

Seizures in exotic pets (Proceedings)
August 1, 2009

When presented with a seizuring dog or cat, the steps to take are familiar to most veterinarians. However, with a non-traditional species, even knowing where and how to administer treatments presents a challenge, as well as what might be common etiologies.

Practical anatomy and physical examination: Ferrets, rabbits, rodents, and other selected species (Proceedings)
August 1, 2009

Although the principles of examination and care are universal in all species, familiarity with normal anatomy is essential in recognizing abnormal conditions.

Urogenital disorders of ferrets and rabbits (Proceedings)
August 1, 2009

Although many diseases of the urinary and genital systems are similar in many aspects in all mammals, there are features and presentations which are unique to certain species.

Critical care for small exotic patients (Proceedings)
August 1, 2009

Although the principles of critical care are universal in all species, veterinarians face a unique set of challenges when dealing with small mammals.

Anemia in ferrets: Clinical case challenges (Proceedings)
August 1, 2009

Ferrets are very similar to more 'traditional' companions in many ways. They also develop many similar disease processes.


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