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Articles by Ed Kane, PhD

Ed Kane, PhD

Ed Kane, PhD, is a researcher and consultant in animal nutrition. He is an author and editor on nutrition, physiology and veterinary medicine with a background in horses, pets and livestock. Kane is based in Seattle.

How veterinarians can maintain peak performance in racehorses
July 1, 2014

AAEP guidelines offer clinical direction for veterinarians when treating these premier equine athletes.

Veterinary treatment of glaucoma in your equine patients
July 1, 2014

There's no easy fix for this condition, but these tips can help veterinarians diagnose and manage the progression of disease.

Filling the nutrition gap: A veterinary order for supplemented stored forages
June 1, 2014

When horses can't graze on nutrient-rich grass, veterinarians may supplement with fat-soluble vitamins to preserving health and immunity.

New veterinary guidelines: The latest in equine parasite control
June 1, 2014

Changes in parasite biology have inspired the AAEP to reevaluate its control protocols. The following summarizes its new guidelines and details practical recommendations veterinarians can implement.

Preserving immune function: Fat-soluble vitamins play a key role
June 1, 2014

Veterinarians should exercise caution to ensure supplements are provided at proper levels.

Veterinarians must be aggressive to detect distal limb lameness in sport horses
April 1, 2014

Rigorous evaluation techniques and diagnostics are key for veterinarians to identify lameness early and for successful treatment.

Using oxytocin to prolong diestrus
April 1, 2014

Veterinary researchers have found a promising alternative for long-term suppression of estrus—and aberrant behavior—in mares.

The latest on laminitis: What veterinarians have learned and what lies ahead
March 1, 2014

Prevention and veterinary treatment strategies were highlighted at the recent International Conference on Laminitis and Diseases of the Foot.

Veterinary myth-busting: Blood boosters in performance horses
January 1, 2014

A veterinary look at why this new breed of equine supplement is potentially dangerous to horses.


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