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Articles by Laurel J. Gershwin, DVM, PhD, DACVM

Laurel J. Gershwin, DVM, PhD, DACVM

Common canine autoimmune disorders (Proceedings)
August 1, 2009

The classification of a clinical condition as autoimmune poses several dilemmas.

Current vaccination recommendations from an immunologist's viewpoint (Proceedings)
August 1, 2009

Recent recommendations for vaccination of dogs and cats have diverged from the previously adhered to yearly multiple booster schedule.

Immune evaluation of dogs with recurrent infections (Proceedings)
August 1, 2009

The patient that presents with recurrent infections may have an underlying immune deficiency or dysfunction.

Clinical significance of positive antinuclear antibody test (Proceedings)
August 1, 2009

The antinuclear antibody test is an assay that detects the presence of antibodies that bind to nuclear antigens.

Immunity and atopic dogs (Proceedings)
August 1, 2009

Comparative biology is amazing when one considers the parallels of immune function and dysfunction in various species.

What's the scoop on immunostimulants in pets? (Proceedings)
August 1, 2009

The recognition that dietary constituents play a significant role in not only maintaining good health, but also preventing chronic disease, is a relatively new phenomenon in veterinary medicine in comparison to the long history of pet nutrition and studies of nutritional deprivation.


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