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Articles by Karen Kuhl, DVM, DACVD

Karen Kuhl, DVM, DACVD

Topical solutions for allergy, pyoderma and scaling disorders (Proceedings)
August 1, 2009

When talking about topicals, it is necessary to first understand the basic functions of the skin and how the skin performs these.

An update on dermatophytosis (Proceedings)
August 1, 2009

Dermatophytosis is another of our common diagnoses, especially in general practice.

Diagnosing and treating superficial pyoderma (Proceedings)
August 1, 2009

Superficial and deep pyodermas are undoubtedly among the most common problems a veterinary practitioner faces.

Sarcoptes and Cheyletiella (Proceedings)
August 1, 2009

Any time you are faced with an atopic patient who has sudden intensification of pruritus, these mites should be an important part of your diagnosis.

A logical approach to pruritus (Proceedings)
August 1, 2009

Being confronted with a pruritic dog or cat is an extremely common occurrence in general veterinary practice. So, we need to be prepared.

Canine and feline demodicosis (Proceedings)
August 1, 2009

Canine demodicosis has also been called follicular mange or red mange.


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