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Articles by Bo Brock, DVM

Bo Brock, DVM

Bo Brock, DVM

Help from a veterinary client I'll never forget
May 1, 2014

A veterinary call took an unusual turn after I ended up flat on my back in a hog barn.

Longtime veterinarian—and his hat—get a wild ride
April 1, 2014

This veterinarian—who wouldn't blink an eye when facing a bucking, snorting stallion—gets treated to a journey he won't soon forget.

The beauty behind ol' blue eyes
March 1, 2014

Turns out there was a lifetime of love in this simple household task.

The joys of hands on veterinary lab work
February 1, 2014

Life can sometimes get a little too real in veterinary school.

A veterinarian determined to solve a colic conundrum
January 1, 2014

How a special horse named John gave this veterinarian the confidence to practice colic surgery and save dozens of horses every year.

A veterinary client gets chased—with his pants down
December 1, 2013

The first day of work can be hard. Or it can end with an obese man losing his trousers while he's getting chased by a cow.

Introducing screw-down veterinary medicine
November 1, 2013

Better tell your veterinary clients to hold on for their life after you administer this kind of injection.

Acting on the fly: A veterinarian's little brother gets into a sticky situation
October 1, 2013

Veterinarian Bo Brock's doctor-brother gets 'stuck' in an ostrich hunt.

From the trenches: "Hey, doc, my trailer full of horses just crashed into a house ... "
September 5, 2013

So that's why you're late? Hadn't heard that one at my veterinary clinic before.


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