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Articles by Joan S. Bowen, DVM

Joan S. Bowen, DVM

Herd health programs and working with commercial goat dairies (Proceedings)
November 1, 2009

Herd health programs developed by veterinarians in cooperation with producers strive to maximize health and production while decreasing the incidence of a variety of economically important diseases.

Common questions from goat producers (Proceedings)
November 1, 2009

There are many causes of external lumps and masses in sheep and goats, yet many producers assume that all external masses are abscesses.

Zoonotic diseases of sheep and goats (Proceedings)
November 1, 2009

Many sheep and goat producers are unaware of zoonotic diseases that can be passed from animals to man. Some zoonoses such as pinkeye or soremouth cause symptoms in the host animal so that the producer knows the animal is ill, but he may not realize that the disease could be transmitted to himself or his family.

Specific pathogen prevention program for the tough diseases of sheep and goats (Proceedings)
November 1, 2009

Several insidious diseases cause significant economic loss to sheep and goat producers through decreased longevity, growth rate, milk production and animal sales, and they are often purchased through inapparent carriers.

AMDUCA and drug issues in sheep and goats (Proceedings)
November 1, 2009

Both USDA and FDA classify all sheep and goats as food animals regardless of the reason that the producer chooses to maintain them.


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