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Dr. Kevin Fitzgerald: Practice Makes Perfect--May 19, 2008
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 Posted May 26 2008 01:35PM
Indeed it is a harsh mistress. My hobby to chill has always been to paint and draw many of the animals I love so much, and plenty of wildlife in between. You are correct in saying that it does recharge the batteries, but you didn't say what your hobby is. I am now retired due to a major back injury from work but I stay current, learning more all the time. I keep my hand in the field, lecture when I can and mentor other techs into the field. Once a Vet Tech always a Vet Tech is my motto. I too am from the 60s and will look forward to your columns. Thanks for posting it! Jana Connell RVT, CVT
 Posted Sep 27 2008 03:18PM
hi dr.Kev,it is very nice blog,Iliked it much.u are right.Iam student in fourth year in faculty of veterinary med and really Iam with u.one should have hoppy beside work and to like his work too.towards myself Istudy and draw and paint photos.Ihope to be in contact that will give me honour.thanks for your words...Kyrillos,pre-graduated
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