2008 Digital Extras - Veterinary Medicine
Veterinary Medicine


2008 Digital Extras
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Performing a neurologic examination; January, p 7.
Part 1: Observation, palpation, and postural reactions
Part 2: Cranial nerve evaluation
Part 3: Spinal and cutaneous reflexes
Part 4: Assessing for pain

How to manage iron deficiency in dogs; when to perform cytologic examinations; February, p 67.

Early feeding and pain control help dogs with parvovirus infection; March, p 133.

Identifying dogs with leptospirosis; April, p 185.

Overactive pets and dogs that pull on their leashes; May, p 237.

Leishmaniasis in North American foxhounds; June, p 291.

Blood pressure measurement in cats; August, p 417.

Proteinuria in cats with chronic kidney disease; September, p 477.

Diet considerations in pets with kidney disease; October, p 531.

Minimally invasive tracheal stent placement to treat canine tracheal collapse: Part 1; November, p 582.

Minimally invasive tracheal stent placement to treat canine tracheal collapse: Part 2; November, p 582.

How to use meloxicam in cats with osteoarthritis; November, p 582.

Gender-specific behaviors in dogs and cats: A surprising difference; December, p 633.

Insulin availability: Our latest options; December, p 633.

Do cats become dysphoric when given opioids? December, p 633.

How to apply a spoon splint; December, p 633.
Part 1
Part 2
Part 3
Part 4

Audio clips
Have You Heard? Squirrels can disguise themselves as snakes; January, p 7.

Have You Heard? Toxoplasmosis and schizophrenia: A link? February, p 67.

Have You Heard? Measuring cats’ activity levels; March, p 133.

Have You Heard? How owners perceive their pets’ responses to chemotherapy; April, p 185.

Have You Heard? Famotidine in cats: IV or SC? May, p 237.

Have You Heard? Pimobendan vs. benazepril; August, p 417.

Have You Heard? How man-made and natural noises affect bats’ foraging behavior; November, p 582.

Have You Heard? A potential flu vaccine; December, p 633.

Interactive maps
On the road with CAPC; July, p 351.

Just Ask the Expert
Daniel T. Carmichael, DVM, DAVDC; September, p 477.

Dr. Kevin R. Kazacos; November, p 592.

Cytology sample interpretation; June, p 291.


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