2007 Digital Extras - Veterinary Medicine
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2007 Digital Extras
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Diagnosing and treating skin diseases: What are our most common mistakes? January, p 7; November, p 701.

What are the best methods for distracting a puppy during physical examination and vaccination? January, p 7.

Evaluating rabbits: Part 1: Handling and restraint; February, p 83.

Evaluating rabbits: Part 2: Physical examination; February, p 83.

What dental procedures do you recommend for kittens during their first year? February, p 83.

What dental procedures do you recommend for puppies during their first year? February, p 83.

What are your recommendations regarding dental home care and dental radiography? February, p 83.

What are the risk factors for pancreatitis in dogs? March, p 151.

Cyclosporine use in cats and dogs; March, p 151.

A demonstration on how to teach a puppy to sit and come; April, p 219; October, p 635.

How to treat acetaminophen toxicosis; April, p 219.

Consider adding a benzodiazepine during initial treatment of canine separation anxiety; May p 279.

What you need to know about otoscope cone and bulb syringe combination; May, p 279.

What you should advise clients to feed their pets in light of the pet food recall; June, p 347.

How do you manage puppies that are being housetrained but consistently defecate in their crates? July, p 431.

Optimizing adrenal function testing, plus new information about how to use cosyntropin; August, p 499.

Veterinary Voices: Dr. Pinson discusses the art of piano tuning; August, p 499.

How to best evaluate thyroid function in dogs and cats; September, p 567.

Visualizing the bisecting angle technique; October, p 635.

How to avoid errors of vertical angulation; October, p 635.

Radiographing the maxillary canines in dogs; October, p 635.

Using trilostane to treat hyperadrenocorticism; December, p 759.

What to advise clients with obese cats and clients that are curious about feeding raw food diets; December, p 759.

Audio clips
Pet food recall: Melamine and cyanuric acid; May, p 279.

Veterinary Voices: Trail Hand: A Western Story (excerpt); May, p 279.

Have You Heard? Dogs in the home linked to less likelihood of asthma; September, p 567.

Have You Heard? Flame retardants and feline hyperthyroidism; October, p 635.

Have You Heard? Why pet dogs bite children; November, p 701.

Have You Heard? Dogs can visually categorize color photos and use a touch-screen computer; December, p 759.

Veterinary Voices: The caribou project; January, p 7.


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