2009 Digital Extras - Veterinary Medicine
Veterinary Medicine


2009 Digital Extras
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Consider all tear film layers when treating KCS; January, p 9.

Trilostane dosing and monitoring recommendations; February, p 61.

Two tips for acclimating kittens to a new home; March, p 113.

The Afya Serengeti Project for Rabies Vaccination and Control; April, p 163.

Using presuturing to close distal limb wounds; May, p 223.

Underwater treadmill therapy in dogs; May, p 223.

Managing destructive chewing in cats; June, p 273.

How to help kittens and cats adjust to car rides; July, p 319.

How to place an adjustable horizontal mattress suture; August, p 363.

The steps in diagnosing feline infectious peritonitis; August, p 363.

How to apply a soft padded bandage to the hindlimb; September, p 405.

How to use multiple punctate relaxing incisions to help close wounds; October, p 450.

How to avoid mistakes in radiographic interpretation; November, p 494.

Placing mesh skin grafts to repair wounds; December, p 545.

Audio clips
Have You Heard? The importance of communication in the exam room; January, p 9.

Have You Heard? More sleep = fewer parasites; February, p 61.

Have You Heard? Scrutinizing in-clinic bacterial culture practices; March, p 113.

Have You Heard? Aggression begets aggression; April, p 163.

Have You Heard? Soy's anticancer effects; May, p 223.

Have You Heard? The protective power of the nose; June, p 273.

Have You Heard? With MRSA, it's share and share alike; July, p 319.

Have You Heard? What's in a purr? August, p 363.

Have You Heard? Why some dogs are short and stocky; September, p 405.

Have You Heard? Monkey music; October, p 450.

Have You Heard? Radiating opinions; November, p 494.


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