2010 Digital Extras - Veterinary Medicine
Veterinary Medicine


2010 Digital Extras

Researching behavior in Asian elephants; January, p 5.

A tip for clients whose dogs exhibit social status aggression; February, p 43.

Is it attention-seeking behavior? March, p 87.

The positive influence of companion animals; March, p 87.

How to place walking sutures; April, p 147.

Common canine reproductive questions answered; May, p 199.

How to make a rotation skin flap; May, p 199.

Specialist in the Spotlight: Dr. James Gaynor; June, p 243.

Specialist in the Spotlight: How do you handle elective euthanasia? July, p 293.

Specialist in the Spotlight: Why behavior questions help diagnose medical problems; July, p 293.

Specialist in the Spotlight: Training technique controversies; July, p 293.

Critical care tools; August, p 338.

Do clients inadvertently encourage aggression? September, p 383.

Interventional oncology: Overview and indications; October, p 435.

Interventional radiology: Overview and indications; October, p 435.

When and how to feed sick cats; November, p 486.

Specialist in the Spotlight: How to manage feline pancreatitis; December, p 538.

Audio clips
Have You Heard? Gene therapy for CRF? January, p 5.

Have You Heard? Will dietary lysine control feline herpesvirus infections? February, p 43.

Have You Heard? No crystal ball needed for azotemia in cats; March, p 87; December, p 556.

Have You Heard? Stop! Don’t kiss that frog! April, p 147; December, p 558.

Have You Heard? A less invasive GDV prevention alternative; May, p 199.

Have You Heard? Getting a leash on visceral leishmaniasis; June, p 243; December, pp 554-556.

Have You Heard? Are the clones coming? July, p 293.

Have You Heard? More than just flea control in cats; August, p 338.

Have You Heard? Clarifying canine tooth resorption; September, p 383.

Have You Heard? What does that cytology report really tell you? October, p 435.

Have You Heard? Atopy affects more than just the skin; November, p 486; December, p 552.

Have You Heard? Can pheromones ease surgical stress? December, p 538.

Image Quiz
Ophthalmology: A Vizsla with eyelid masses; February, p 43.

Ophthalmology: A golden retriever with a red eye; April, p 147.

Ophthalmology: A rockfish with a bulging eye; June, p 243.

Ophthalmology: A squinting cattle dog; July, p 293.

Dermatology: A bulldog with erythematous plaques; August, p 338.

Ophthalmology: A Lab with a pupil abnormality; September, p 383.

Ultrasonography: A cat with a distended abdomen; October, p 435.

Dermatology: A pit bull with bullous lesions; November, p 486.

Dermatology: Patchy alopecia in a Chihuahua; December, pp 546-548.

Dermatology: A growing eyelid mass; December, pp 547-548.



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