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dvm360 Leadership Challenge

dvm360 Leadership Challenge: Go Your Own Way

Mar 13, 2017

What's your hustle, people? Do you need to pay student debt? Do you need a return on your practice—the biggest one possible? Are you worried about the legacy of your practice—and need an associate? Are you petered out in a team member career and want to own? Do you hate corporations? Do you need corporate benefits? ...

Clinical updates

Surgery STAT: Facial deformity due to equine sinus disease

DVM360 MAGAZINE - Aug 14, 2017

Although horse owners may fear the worst (and sometimes they’re right), many conditions are highly treatable—and veterinarians can often manage the process right on the farm.

Who's still worried about rabies?

VETTED - Aug 14, 2017

I know what you're thinking: "Didn't we get rid of rabies?" It depends on which domesticated species we're talking about. In dogs, we're doing great! In cats, not so much.

What are the best practices for antibiotic use in canine infectious respiratory disease complex?


A 10-day observation period is recommended in dogs with mild clinical signs as most pathogens involved in this respiratory disease are viral.

Hey doc, have your veterinary clients been fooled by this doc(umentary)?


One colleague's take on the Netflix documentary Pet Fooled, which sets out to "expose" the pet food industry.

Responding to client reactions about Pet Fooled


Chances are, at least some of your veterinary clients have seen this popular Netflix documentary. Are you prepared to discuss their concerns?


When kids go back to school, dogs drool and cats rule

FIRSTLINE - Aug 16, 2017

If some family members are children, the end of summer can be a sensitive time for pets as their routines switch up drastically. Here's how you can help advise your veterinary clients to make sure their pets transition smoothly.

Fixes for finicky felines and picky pooches

VETTED - Aug 08, 2017

Whether a pet has just had a major operation or it has suddenly stopped happily eating whatever drops into its food bowl, Dr. Deborah Linder has a few tricks up her sleeve to help bring that appetite back.

One more fright, one less heartbeat

DVM360 MAGAZINE - Aug 02, 2017

This cardiologist wants to prove that the intense effects of the fight-or-flight "sympathetic storm" in pets from scary veterinary visits can wear out their hearts before their time.

How cats say, 'I love you'


Because, c’mon, as veterinary professionals we know cats aren’t just going to outright say those three little words. Here's a handout depicting the telltale signs that a feline friend is giving his human heart-eyes.

Watch for dogs' nonverbal cues in the veterinary clinic


Body language lets you get an early indicator of where the dog is, emotionally, says behaviorist Dr. John Ciribassi.

Personal finances for associates

Technicians: It's time to invest in YOU

FIRSTLINE - Aug 10, 2017

You have a passion for the profession and a craving to learn more. And, let's face it, you need a few days away from your practice. Use these timely money tips to make your dreams of attending a national veterinary convention a reality.

From veterinarian to betterinarian: How I improved my production


Paying your bills and chipping away at your student loans as a veterinary associate? These strategies can help you build your income—and practice top-notch medicine.

Letter to dvm360: Living the vet school dream means taking responsibility for choices

DVM360 MAGAZINE - Jul 25, 2017

One reader says it’s not his job to bail out a young veterinarian who makes poor financial decisions.

How much is my veterinary degree worth?

DVM360 MAGAZINE - Jul 14, 2017

To answer this question, let’s look at investment costs, lifetime earnings and intangible benefits.

Old School, New School: Drexit strategy

DVM360 MAGAZINE - May 25, 2017

Dr. Codger dreams and schemes about how to hand off his responsibilities at his veterinary practice—and perhaps still receive a paycheck. But will Greenskin bite?