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dvm360 Leadership Challenge

dvm360 Leadership Challenge: What you didn't learn in vet school - Mar 27, 2018

Feeling a little out of your depth as a new veterinarian—or like your associates aren't ready for practice? The dvm360 team addresses these post-vet-school pain points in this latest Leadership Challenge. ...

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Clinical updates

Clinical bioethics meets Fear Free veterinary care


Tenets from human medicine apply in your practice.

The ABCs of veterinary dentistry: ‘O’ is for oral masses of the malignant kind

DVM360 MAGAZINE - Aug 14, 2018

The histopathology report from the oral biopsy came back as malignant—now what? Surgery? Radiation? Chemotherapy? Watchful waiting?

'One Spay More': a revolutionary final project


Creative veterinary students go all in on a must-see Les Miserables parody.

Cushing's confusion? Ask a veterinary endocrinologist


You know all those questions you have about managing Cushing's disease, like what do those numbers on the low-dose dexamethasone suppression test mean? We have the answers, courtesy of Dr. David Bruyette!

Photobiomodulation facts and functions in veterinary rehab

VETTED - Aug 09, 2018

More commonly known as laser therapy, let's take a look at what we currently know about how it can help many of your veterinary patients.


Client handout: The secret to housetraining a puppy

VETTED - Aug 03, 2018

Eliminate the stress of elimination for veterinary clients and their fur babies with this handout.

Veterinarians and technicians: Team up to treat behavior issues


You don't have to know everything! When you play to each other's strengths, you can ease pets' fears more effectively.

Client handout: Choose your own (Fear Free) adventure

VETTED - Jul 19, 2018

For every FAS (fear, anxiety stress) problem, there could be a solution in your exam room, in this handout and the book, or in a veterinary behaviorist's practice. Let's do this.

Commentary: Early feline spay is the best way

DVM360 MAGAZINE - Jul 09, 2018

According to this reader, not only is this better for the cat, but your veterinary client retention rates become healthy and strong as well.

Help veterinary clients face a noisy Fourth

DVM360 MAGAZINE - Jun 28, 2018

Pet Anxiety Awareness Week kicks off right before a real fear-inducing holiday, Independence Day, with its fireworks, crowds and food hazards everywhere. Here are learning resources for your team and your veterinary clients.

Personal finances for associates

5 steps to get you out from under vet school debt

VETTED - Aug 14, 2018

A little common sense—and some support from your veterinary colleagues—will keep you from being crushed by the mountain.

Buyer’s remorse: Expect it three to five years after vet school

VETTED - Apr 27, 2018

Feeling like you made a mistake becoming a veterinarian? You’re not alone—and you’ll get over it.

Merck study: Veterinarians have normal mental health but poor well-being

DVM360 MAGAZINE - Feb 16, 2018

Just 41 percent would recommend the profession to a friend or family member; financial stress is a serious concern.

Double identity: When you’re veterinarian and practice manager

DVM360 MAGAZINE - Jan 05, 2018

Are you a high-flying veterinarian by day and a reluctant veterinary practice manager by night? I don’t want to take the wind out of your cape, but your neglected alter ego may need a boost.

The "perfect practice manager" checklist


If you can answer affirmatively to all 10 questions, you just might be perfect. If not, we have some reading suggestions that can help you make some valuable tweaks to your life and your veterinary clinic.