From the Editors: Enjoy this month's supplement in print and online


From the Editors: Enjoy this month's supplement in print and online

Dec 01, 2006

Margaret Rampey
When you unwrapped this month's issue, you also found the peer-reviewed supplement Answers to Your Questions About Digital Radiography. Radiologists Matt Wright, chairman of the American College of Veterinary Radiography's Digital Imaging Standards Committee; Sarah Puchalski; Jonathan Shiroma; and Seth Wallack wrote this guide for those of you who are considering switching to this technology but know little about it. We thank these authors, as well as the articles' reviewers, for the many hours of work spent on this supplement. In it you'll learn the basics of digital radiography. If you want to learn more, we recommend you visit Dr. Wright's fantastic Web site

While you're at your computer, check out an exact replica of this month's supplement at This virtual edition is a cool complement to the print version. Turn its pages on your computer screen, search its content for keywords, bookmark pages for future reference, and link to product Web sites.

If you stick your toe into the cyber-water with this month's virtual supplement, by next month you can jump right in! Starting in January, you'll be able to access Veterinary Medicine monthly in print and online. By clicking on Veterinary Medicine Digital at, you'll find each issue's complete content, plus really useful multimedia extras—videos, audio clips, slideshows, and peer-reviewed content from Vetstream, one of the world's largest Internet sources of veterinary information.

We'll tell you all about Veterinary Medicine Digital next month. But in the meantime, turn these pages to gain new information about xylitol's effects, work out a challenging case of a dog with recurring pain, explore a novel way to treat corns in dogs, learn how to identify a common mite in birds, and ponder what really makes a practice successful in "Mind Over Miller."

And whether you're celebrating with friends and family, leaning back in your recliner reading, or sitting at your computer surfing the virtual supplement, enjoy your holiday and have a happy New Year.