Idea Exchange: Itemized quotes show value of ovariohysterectomy fees

Apr 01, 2004
By staff

When quoting fees for ovariohysterectomies, we use a prepared itemized fee quote showing the regular charges for each service to help clients understand the cost of providing veterinary care. We have mandatory preanesthetic testing and intraoperative monitoring, and we use sevoflurane and a laser for every procedure, yet we charge only for the lab work and the surgical procedure. Adding in the cost of technician time, surgical prep, and recovery offers an even clearer picture for clients. The following is an example of a complete estimate for an ovariohysterectomy:

Showing a client the value of each service involved helps to put the final charge for the ovariohysterectomy (in this case, $166.41) in perspective.

Dr. Keith A. Bailey
Tulsa, Okla.