'One Spay More': a revolutionary final project


'One Spay More': a revolutionary final project

Creative veterinary students go all in on a must-see Les Miserables parody.
Aug 13, 2018
By dvm360.com staff

When Fetch dvm360 conference speaker Michael Nappier, DVM, DABVP, took over as instructor of Virginia-Maryland College of Veterinary Medicine's ovariohysterectomy labs, he imagined a fun final project that would foster teamwork and send a message to his students.

"I wanted to try to instill a little bit of group responsibility as well as teach that you can be professional and have fun at the same time," Dr. Nappier says.

How did he do it? Dr. Nappier assigned a video project to be called "One Spay More."

And did his class deliver? Oh, how they delivered.

In an elaborately staged send-up, Dr. Nappier's 2nd-year students twisted Les Miserables’ lyrics to craft a finished product that is part tongue-in-cheek paean to the approaching end of the course, part mnemonic device:

Another spay, remove the ovaries
This ever-stressful road of surgeries
A dirty scrub to clear the grime
A sterile scrub the second time
One spay more

Go ahead and allow yourself to be swept away into this veterinary medical melodrama.

You. Can. Do. This!

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