Today's Daily Dose: GI biopsy


Today's Daily Dose: GI biopsy

Jun 30, 2011
By staff
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“The authors concluded that collecting biopsy samples from the ileum does, in fact, appear warranted in dogs with clinical signs of both large and small bowel diarrhea. Obtaining biopsy samples from the most distal small intestinal segment would indeed have altered the final diagnosis in most dogs. When severity was considered as well, only one in 10 dogs would have had an unchanged diagnosis after examination of the ileal biopsy sample.”

—Erika Meler, DVM, MS, Barrak Pressler, DVM, PhD, DACVIM

From Research Updates: Should biopsy samples be routinely collected from the duodenum and ileum in dogs with clinical signs suggestive of concurrent small and large bowel diarrhea?