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Antibiotic Q&A: Third-generation vs. first-generation cephalosporins

Jul 24, 2017

Have third-generation cephalosporins lost activity against common gram-positive pathogens?

Arm up against parasites!

Jul 24, 2017

From client handouts to prevention toolkits, we have all the resources you and your veterinary clients need to battle this year's uptick in parasite prevalence.

Technicians—your surgical sidekicks

Jul 20, 2017

Surgery team, assemble! It’s time for veterinarians to let their Super Techs reveal the heroes they were born to be.

There's no such thing as a 'rabies visit'

Jul 20, 2017

Don't give up on a patient—or a pet owner. Every exam room visit is an opportunity to cherish and optimize a patient's health with needed vaccines, recommended diagnostics and care for problems a pet owner didn't even know the pet was facing. Here's how Dr. Ernie Ward makes the most out of what looks like a cursory visit.

Modern e-collar alternatives: Hot or not?

Jul 13, 2017

Elizabethan collars are so four centuries ago. Is it time to step into the present with these new takes on the old solution to post-treatment patients biting or scratching themselves?

When death comes calling: Top diseases leading to veterinary euthanasia

Jul 12, 2017

Here are the most common conditions Lap of Love hospice veterinarians see in their mobile euthanasia practice—and pointers on how to ease clients and patients down this difficult path.

Game of Thrones: Are veterinary leaders born or made?

Jul 07, 2017

Why the hit HBO show has something to teach those who lead in veterinary medicine. Are you Stark, Lannister, a Direwolf or one of those misfit leaders? (Hint: I'm down with Khaleesi.)

Confessions: Pet pain, death and dying

Jun 27, 2017

Caring for pets in their final moments is a frequent reality for veterinary professionals. Here are 30 of the most raw, poignant, honest and sometimes rueful confessions to highlight this special responsibility you have to your patients.

Holding steady during the ups and downs of a veterinary life

Jun 22, 2017

The key to contentment is embracing what brings you passion—even if it's a downer at times—as well as those things that bring pure joy.

The 4 phases of orthopedic rehabilitation

Jun 08, 2017

A step-by-step guide to getting your veterinary orthopedic patients up and at ’em after injury or surgery.