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World's cutest dog muzzle?

Oct 17, 2017

This soft, duck-billed muzzle might turn an angry dog outburst into a funny angry-Donald Duck-like experience. Veterinary professionals, decide for yourself.

Canine hypothyroidism: Shield your patients from overdiagnosis

Oct 11, 2017

According to experts like Dr. Bruyette, hypothyroidism is the most overdiagnosed endocrine disorder in dogs. Here’s how you can be sure you’re not part of the overdiagnosis crowd.

Canine hypothyroidism: Supplementation and monitoring updates

Oct 10, 2017

Yawn ... you already know about hypothyroidism treatment in dogs. What's the big deal? A LOT! Including the fact that you may be oversupplementing that levothyroxine. Dr. Bruyette talks the latest and greatest in the realm of canine hypothyroidism.

Don’t let ringworm run rings around your veterinary patients

Oct 10, 2017

Are you caught up on the latest veterinary developments for managing ringworm? (Hint: There’s a new diagnostic test and new drug at your dermatophytosis-demolishing disposal.)

Tip: Low-stress talk about high-stress bills

Oct 10, 2017

Spring a high cost on a client they weren't expecting, you get grief. So, when you see an important but nonurgent procedure in the veterinary exam room that needs to be done SOON but not NOW, give them a heads-up.

Veterinary product pipeline: Fixes for your biggest frustrations may be on the horizon

Oct 10, 2017

Pet obesity, itchy dogs and slow diagnostic results are among the veterinary problems tackled by this year’s presenting companies at the 2017 Animal Health Investment Forum.

Personal accounts: True tales of veterinary spending

Oct 07, 2017

Ever wondered, "How can my coworker afford THAT?" or thought, "I don't know how anyone lives on what she makes?" Here's your chance to see how other veterinary professionals are managing their money.

Posts and tweets about hypothyroidism in dogs

Oct 06, 2017

Your clients probably don’t know about low thyroid hormones, even though they could be seeing the signs. These social media posts can help.

Signs your clients might be helicopter pet parents—dvm360 flowchart

Oct 06, 2017

Follow the path to uncover the type of pet owners you serve.

Offering refreshments is ahhhh-cheivable

Oct 02, 2017

Finding space to offer your veterinary clients refreshments is easier than you think. Here are some examples to bring you inspiration.