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Choose your own payment adventure

Feb 24, 2017

Whether a veterinary client's pet is getting a cancer diagnosis, the pet owner is managing a chronic condition such as allergies or they're visiting you for the very first time, here’s how to nail best practices to show off your financial savvy when it comes to payments and, maybe, encourage folks to look into pet insurance down the line.

Motivating clients to provide flea control

Feb 24, 2017

Are your veterinary clients kinda "meh" when it comes to flea control? Here are the most motivating factors to consider the next time you make recommendations.

Which monitoring equipment does your practice need for the zombie apocalypse?

Feb 22, 2017

Whether zombies are hot on your trail or you’re just trying to make it through another busy day at your veterinary practice, here’s a quick look at the monitoring equipment we’ve got on the brain.

Not just quelling a kidney catastrophe!

Feb 17, 2017

New cartridge for blood-filtration promises cleaner blood for more than just veterinary renal conditions.

Open up and say "... oh no ...": Guidance on oral tumors in veterinary patients

Feb 17, 2017

A big bonus of a thorough veterinary oral examination: You can spot oral tumors as well. The downside: You may spot an oral tumor.

Girl, have you seen that new e-collar? Let me tell you ...

Feb 10, 2017

We have four words: New. Veterinary. Products. GO!

Let's get busy: New biz products on the market

Feb 09, 2017

New KPI trackers. Funny client education materials. Better ways to manage medical records. All this and more in our business-focused roundup of stuff we heard about in meetings, saw on a show floor or caught word of so far this year!

Hungry for veterinary nutrition products? Feed on this!

Feb 09, 2017

An amuse-bouche of three new nutritional options for pets.

Keep pets safe at your Superbowl party

Feb 03, 2017

"Safety" isn't just a football score. Game-day distractions can be dangerous for pets. Here's how to keep them safe.

Polluting patient care

Feb 01, 2017

Toxic veterinary teams are a problem, and the data shows it’s not just about bruised egos from the gossip and rudeness. It hurts patients too. And the damage caused by one pet's bad experience may never be reversed.