Advanced surgical extractions: From awful to awfully simple

Advanced surgical extractions: From awful to awfully simple

Handy dos and don’ts from a veterinary dentist to make sure your next extraction case isn’t a pain.
Nov 30, 2016

CVC speaker Barden Greenfield, DVM, DAVDC, offers tips to make dental extractions go smoother. Check out the sneak peek of his session below (click for a printable PDF), then visit to see a complete listing of Dr. Greenfield’s sessions.


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Vet team confessions: The tiny tears in our souls

FIRSTLINE - Jun 22, 2018

By staff

From their experiences with imposter syndrome and compassion fatigue to feeling like no one really understands what they do, veterinary technicians and practice managers share the little cuts and wounds that bleed them dry in their daily practice lives.

Simply golden: A Golden Retriever Lifetime Study veterinary visit

DVM360 MAGAZINE - Jun 20, 2018

By Portia Stewart, Editor, Team Channel Director

Take a peek inside a veterinary exam room as Truman the golden retriever visits his veterinarian to provide samples for the study, funded by Morris Animal Foundation.

High-flying planes in your hospital


By Tim Parsons, AIA

The overhead horizontal plane is showing up in dvm360 Hospital Design Competition entries. Will it land in your own practice design?